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The Copy Martin Blog

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How to deal with negative client feedback

How to Deal with Negative Client Feedback

What to do when your client gets back to you with negative, soul-crushing feedback that makes you question whether or not you really have what it takes as a writer.

How to Win Your First Contracts on Upwork

Purchase can be hard to find, especially on the Upwork platform. Here’s how to navigate those early choppy waters and begin winning business as a copywriter.

The Real Upwork Scam

If every wannabe copywriter posting screengrabs of low-ball Upwork jobs to Reddit spent that time the right way, they’d be rich.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

What will tomorrow bring? No clue. All I know is that there’s quite the leap between where it all starts and where—hair down, pants off—it finishes.

Alternative Guide to Overcoming Writer’s Block

I’m with you: another generic “how to get rid of writer’s block” post and I’ll vomit. Still, the page is blank. Here’s how gutterbugs and abstract thinkers get around the age-old problem.

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