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What you’ve stumbled upon is a different kind of bird, one with a keen eye for abstract beauty and exceptional storytelling. Wordplay that stirs readers in the soles of their feet.

Writing with the power to attract customers, build brand, and convert

My name is Martin Ceisel. When I’m not discussing trivial matters with clever strangers at the airport bar, or yet again reading Anna Karenina (oh Stiva, you dog!), I’m busy wordsmithing about pages, sales letters, email campaigns, web copy.

Because bad copy is costly

It’s true. The same person who jumps to tell you they can’t write a lick is the first one to sniff out that company story you wrote last Tuesday night after four glasses of four-dollar wine, trumpeting it on social media for all the world to scrutinize.

That’s why you need an experienced copywriter

Customers put their money down for imagery that pops, words that speak directly to their needs. They fall in love with brands that seem to know a thing or two about falling in love. Let’s help them fall in love. Contact me today discuss your project.

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