I recently had the pleasure of standing up in front of a room full of talented writers and editors. The event? A workshop, co-sponsored by STC.org and SDPEN.com:

Kickstart Your Home-Based Writing and Editing Business

Even got the 1130am timeslot, right before pizza lunch.

I thought I’d share a few resources from the presentation, which was full of actionable takeaways that any copywriter can benefit from.

How to find clients on Upwork

And other freelance platforms, really. That was the crux of my contribution to this work workshop, based on my experiences on Upwork. We talked about portfolios, profile writing, and prospecting. Here’s a video excerpt of my presentation about finding clients on freelancing sites:

Highlights from the presentation

  • Keep many irons in the fire (don’t rely on one source of work!)
  • A portfolio—even a simple one—can help win clients
  • Some clients will squeeze you if you let them (don’t!)
  • A simple, highly intentional proposal strategy will take you far
  • Try, fail, refine (repeat)

Additional resources

After this meet-up, one of the attendees emailed me requesting some additional resources. Copywriting stuff, specifically. I’ll share with y’all what I shared with her:

And then one more copywriter’s website that always inspires me, just because it’s so goddam cool: Kira Hug.

Key takeaways from the other presentations

The best part about this workshop is that I wasn’t the only presenter. Here are some of the little easter eggs I took away from the other sessions:

  • It’s crucial to know your tax position and liabilities as a freelancer
  • Extrapolate your rates—how much are you really getting paid?
  • Consider low-, middle-, and top-tier pricing packages for your services
  • Having SEO in your toolbox can be a winning value-add for clients


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