Website copywriting is one my specialties. Send me your landing pages, homepage rewrites, and company profiles. I can write it from scratch, or breathe much needed life in to stale, out-dated website copy. In fact, many clients like to throw all they have at me with one ask: turn this into something we can be proud of.

Working with Martin was excellent. He has great communication, completed the work ahead of schedule and did a great job. I will definitely be hiring him again – Accounting by Crystal

Why you need website copywriting

Better put: why you need good website copywriting. A polished and engaging website can increase search engine visibility, conversions, and ultimately improve your digital presence.

Build your brand

What do your website visitors see when they come to your site? Do they see polished, thoughtfully crafted copy and content? Or, do they see generic, boilerplate copy that any old automaton can crank out? Good branding is not just for  the Nikes of the world. And solid website copywriting can be a cornerstone of your brand.

69% of online consumers agree that the quality, timing, or relevance of a company’s message influences their perception of a brand – Think With Google

Encourage interaction

Your website is useless unless your visitors are interacting with it. Persuasive website copywriting can get eyeballs on your website, keep people reading, and get them to do something. Clicks. Sign-ups. Form submissions. Social shares.

86% of marketers think engagement is important, but only 46% say their company is actively measuring and managing it – Think With Google

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In an ideal world, your website copy goes hand in hand with your SEO strategy. The keywords that your aiming to rank well for will be woven throughout your pages, in both short and longtail form. Behind the scenes, meta data will be in lockstep with your on-page messaging.

In an ideal world.

Average websites SEO score is D-  Hubspot Research

Average website SEO score – Image and data via HubSpot Research

Articulate your unique selling position

Here’s a hard truth: there are many businesses like yours. Disagree? Your website copy better convince me otherwise. And it starts with a distilled unique selling position (USP). This USP needs to be communicated, reiterated, and emphasized throughout your website.

Increase conversions

This is the name of the game, right? You’ve done the work to get your target audiences to your page. Nice! Now what? How do you get the visitor to open their eyes a little wider, keep reading, and then … drumroll … click on something. A link. A call to action (CTA). This is how you keep the doors open and the lights on.

The magic is in the copy.

Martin has been a valuable freelance writer for me for more than a year. He is willing to go above and beyond, and he has always produced a good product. – John J. Curtis

To me, writing good website copy is about holding up a mirror to your visitors. Do they see themselves in your messaging—do they understand why they need that one big thing you do better than anyone else?

That’s the power of good copywriting.

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