What do you do when you need a landing page? Maybe you have launched a new service, product, or offering, backed by a full-blown social media campaign. You need something for all your social media, search and display ads, or email marketing going to point back to.

You need a landing page that converts visitors.

This landing page is where you’ll capture the sign-ups, demo requests, or even purchases you’re looking for. Ideally, this landing page will be polished, well-designed, and layered with highly persuasive, 100% bulletproof copy.

What is a landing page?

Good question. Webster Dictionary defines a landing page as—

Wait. Why reinvent the wheel? Here’s how Unbounce, a leading landing page software platform, defines the term landing page:

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page, created specifically for the purposes of a marketing or advertising campaign – Unbounce

Straightforward enough. Here is how another marketing juggernaut, Hubspot, defines the term:

A landing page is a website page that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form — Hubspot

And that’s what we’re after here with your landing page, right? Leads. Prospects. Sign-ups.

Future customers.

Now, there are many business use cases in which you might need a landing page. Regardless of context and outcome, a good landing page will need to include a couple fundamental elements to deliver a high conversion rate.

Tips for writing an effective landing page

Consider the page layout

Before any of the copy is written, images, headers, and calls to action (CTAs) added, you’ll need to build out a template for your landing page. There are different landing page templates, some better suited for certain use cases than others. Most follow the principles of good web design and are optimized for conversion. What do I mean?

  • Simple
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Streamlined
  • Structured
  • Strategically placed CTA

Limit distractions

Your landing page is about doing one thing and one thing only: converting the visitor. Compelling them to do something. That means your page should not include any outbound links  that lead away from the landing page. This includes links to other pages on your own website. A landing page isn’t like other web pages or blog posts. A landing page has one goal: convince and convert the visitor. Any extraneous links take people away from the intended goal and decrease the chances of conversion.

Get people to the page

A no-brainer, yes. But you’re not going to get any conversions on your landing page if no one can find it. Typically, landing pages are linked to some kind of campaign that drives traffic to that page. This could be social media ads that pique interest and point to the landing page. Or an email campaign. Maybe paid search or display ads. All of these will ask the user to take action—click . When they click, they hit the landing page. Best of all if that you can track all this using web analytics tools.

Focus on the one big thing

An age-old principle in website copywriting is your one big thing. What is it about what you’re offering that separates you from everyone else? Maybe you’re the only person to offer shoes that tie themselves. Your landing page should capture why your customer would benefit from that one big thing you do, and that should be captured and hit on throughout the landing page. One thing you can do is the headline test: “and” is usually a red flag that you’re trying to communicate too much.

Fluff-free copy optimized for conversion

Again, we’re not necessarily writing for SEO here, nor is there room for cliche market-speak. Word count is not as important as quality. The key is copy that’s focused on one thing. With good landing page copy in place, the visitor won’t even know they’re on a landing page—they’ll be reading, seeing themselves in the copy, subconsciously moving down the page and warming up to take action.

Landing page resources

Here are some really useful resources if you need a landing page built right. I like to reference authoritative resources like these to help inform my approach to the copy itself.

A landing page is a webpage that is designed to take web traffic, and convert visitors in a particular way, for a particular reason – Leadpages

Examples of landing pages I’ve written

Need a landing page?

Again, there are many business use cases that call for a landing page. Ultimately, it’s about results. Conversions. And it starts with well organized, intentional, highly persuasive copywriting.

That’s where I come in. I have extensive experience writing landing pages for a variety of business use cases. More importantly, I understand where landing pages fit into to a broader marketing strategy. I’ll take the time to learn your target audience, business objectives, and writer a killer landing page that helps you make your new campaign a success.

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