Two Days in the Big-Hearted Capital of Slovakia

A travel guide for two days spent in Bratislava, originally published by OneGlobe Citizen. I love Bratislava. It was my home for a year. Slovak is my second language. The challenge for this article was to portray a relatively unknown city in a way that inspires the travel bug. Luckily, the capital city of Slovakia speaks for itself.

ExcerptIt’s strange to me that, among all the fineries of Central Europe, of countries like the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the city of Bratislava is among the most overlooked. When I think of this region, so many worthwhile destinations come to mind: castles and ruins looming above fields of mustard bloom; cozy getaways tucked into world-class mountain ranges; some of the best beer in the world. Yet, among how many itineraries do you find Bratislava tucked between popular cities like Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin? Prague and Bratislava, Czechs and Slovaks—we get the picture. And don’t they speak the same language? Isn’t it the same country, anyway?

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OneGlobe Citizen—Two Days in the Big-Hearted Capital of Slovakia