Over a three-month period of time, I worked with Dr. Tslil Feinberg to launch the¬†Cast Wellness Online Therapy¬†website from the ground up. The purpose of the website is to establish a professional, search-optimized online presence for CAST Wellness to help provide patients with information and drive traffic to Dr. Feinberg’s burgeoning San Diego practice.

Stages of the project

  • Sent website proposal to Dr. Feinberg
  • Created a page table for a high-level view of website structure, including high-level pages, subpages, focus keywords, and notes
  • Wrote copy drafts for each of the webpages in Google Docs, including basic layout recommendations
  • Gathered client feedback on pages, executed revisions, readied copy for WordPress
  • Built out site structure in WordPress, including all copy, design, and metadata
  • Launched CAST Wellness site


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