Check out this doozy I received after submitting an Upwork proposal last night:

Upwork Proposal Letter Rejection

To be honest, this happens a lot. But for those of you wondering how much to charge for your writing, let this be a warning.

Did you catch the reason this particular client left for rejecting my proposal?

Rate/bid too high

And did you read the Additional Message from Client?

will take a good writer 30 minutes.

Pure gold. And any freelance copywriter that’s been around a minute or two has heard some variation of this before.

Why would I pay you that much for something I could write myself?

Really? I did a similar project with a writer and they charged half.

Or maybe:

Who the hell do you think you are?

But when we break it all down, what we’re left with is a client that is either a) intentionally low-balling to save money, or b) totally ignorant of all that goes into even a two-paragraph About Us page.

Possibly both.

Because if they really could write it themselves, they wouldn’t be talking to me.

And what about the time that goes into discovery, drafting, and any revisions the client will inevitably request?

This all will take more than a half hour.


And this client wants to pay a writer $25.


I smell trouble. I smell a problematic client relationship.

This is why I always bid on Upwork project based on my rates, no matter what the client lists as their project price—it’s a win-win-win, to quote my dream boss, Michael Gary Scott. This, in essence, is how to make money on Upwork.

If they want to pay my rate, great—then we’ll be on the same page and I’ll be fairly compensated for all the “stuff” that goes into writing a bulletproof, two-paragraph About Us page.


If not, I probably just avoided a headache client.


And if the client responds with a dig about “good writers,” they just teed up my next blog post.


Because there’s a lesson here for everyone involved:

If you want to pay $25 for About Us page copy, make peace with the $25 writing you get in return.

And if you’re a “good writer” who comes across clients like these, run for the hills.

Good writing is worth far more than a pittance.

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