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Welcome to Copy Martin, LLC

Go-to Writer for Copy that Wins Business

You need an experienced and reliable copywriter, but the right combination of creativity, quality, and expertise is hard to find. Cue: sigh of relief. You’re in the right place.

“Our go-to writer for the copy we use to attract and convert new business”

They won’t click, convert, and become customers.

Trust me, they won’t.

Not if you can’t write like you know what they’re going through. The pain they feel. Their promised land and the obstacles they encounter while trying to get there. Their barriers to action, both explicit and implicit.

That’s the kind of depth that has to come through on every landing page, blog post, email–

All of it.

Otherwise, someone else is going to win that business. They’re winning it right now, the longer it takes you to find the right writing talent. Should be easy enough, right? There’s loads of professional writers out there.

Here’s the problem:

Writing is only 25% of the whole copywriting thing. The rest is where the real magic happens:

  • Deep research into customer voice, competitors, and the industry.
  • Knowledge and application of proven copywriting formulas, tactics, and best practices.
  • Experience getting the job done for clients that make you say …

Yeah, I can get with that.

Here’s what the CEO of a Marketing Agency had to say about working with me:

“As a writer, he asks the right questions and doesn’t need his hand held at all—a self-starter that picks up the lingo quickly, understands where his work fits into the marketing funnel, and delivers polished and engaging work each and every time. As someone who runs a digital marketing agency and comes across a lot of content and copywriting, trust me when I tell you that Martin is a top-tier writer.”

Then there’s the SaaS Sales Leader I recently worked with:

“From the sales side, it was mission critical for our team to bring value to prospects with relevant content during each stage of the sales process. Martin made my life so much easier by getting me instant credibility with prospects through content of high value and relevance.”

Not a ninja reference nor “wordsmith” to speak of, because let’s be honest:

You don’t need a copy unicorn to get prospects to click, convert, and become customers.

You need a copywriter who knows how to do one thing:

Deliver results.

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A photo of Martin Ceisel, freelance copywriter in San Diego, standing next to an orange-brick walk-up.

Read my life story in fifty-ish words

What you’ve stumbled upon is a different kind of bird, one with a keen eye for abstract beauty and exceptional storytelling. Wordplay that stirs readers in the soles of their feet. An approach to copywriting that attracts prospects, builds your brand, and converts. When I’m not broadcasting from my little corner of San Diego, or jabbering with strangers at the airport bar, I’m busy running my freelance writing business—that is, helping brands and business owners connect with their customers. Case studies. Websites. Blog posts. You name it.

See it through the eyes of my brilliant clients

Jen Klabis

Marketing Manager & Creative Director

“Martin is a top-notch content writer and strategist with a serious talent for making sure your audience doesn’t fall asleep at the keyboard. His writing style is clear and creative, which makes his work highly effective at explaining complicated concepts in a way that’s easy-to-understand and engaging. He is reliable and a delight to work with. I would highly recommend him for any of your content needs.”

Sarah Beltier

Technical Marketing Engineer

“I had the pleasure of working with Martin on a project for my business website. He was very easy to work with and made the process painless. I was particularly impressed by Martin’s communication and ability to take my abstract ideas and turn them into cohesive and relevant content.”

Dr. Tslil Feinberg

Dr. Tslil Feinberg

Licensed Clinical Psychologist